Hall Clinic Chiropractic Services

There are three types or stages of chiropractic care.

  • Initial Intensive Care is for pain or symptom management;
  • Rehabilitative or Corrective Care is for improved function and spinal changes;
  • Wellness or Elective Care is for non-symptomatic or preventative care measures.

Patients usually find chiropractic care less stressful than other forms of care. Nationwide studies indicate that 9 out of 10 chiropractic patients felt their treatment was effective.

Your first visit to Hall Clinic of Chiropractic may include these simple steps.


We'll talk with you to determine if chiropractic might be of value to you.

Patient History

One of the Hall Chiropractic doctors will learn about you and your health background to develop a better understanding of your condition.

Physical examination

Your chiropractic doctor will examine you to determine the condition of your general health and any specific problems

X-rays/Lab tests

Tests may be used to better pinpoint problems and assess your physical condition.


Your chiropractic doctor will use your history along with the findings of the physical exam and any x-ray/lab findings to accurately diagnose your condition.


Treatment may include postural correction, spinal adjustment, physical therapeutics, rehabilitative exercise, massage and nutritional counseling.

How long you decide to benifit from chiropractic care is always up to you.